Wednesday morning

Good morning all a very late start for me today I had a bad day yesterday feeling very under the weather nothing in particular just everything in general.  I think I was just very tired so when I woke this morning at 3 I decided to stay put and go back to sleep.  It is yet another grey day but we have broken through the zero on the thermometer.  Looking at the pictures of the rest of the country we have got away very lightly.  We do at least have heating and lighting which is a bonus.  

Dennie came yesterday and went through the house like a hurricane.  We abandoned her to it and went to walk the dogs and do a bit of shopping.  It was so lovely to come home to a clean house which smelt of polish.  I bought some more of those little peppers but this time I stuffed them with chopped chorizo before baking in the halogen oven.  They were very delicious and would make a great starter or tapas addition.  

I am not sure if Shiona is going to come over today nothing was said so I guess I will just wait and see.  Lunch today is a burger but not just any burger I made some with venison and thought I would make loads of fried onions to go with them before adding to some soft rolls.  

James had a session with the physiotherapist yesterday and had some acupuncture which really seemed to help him.  He came home in agony but after a bit of rest he was pleased with the results.  The physio is pleased with him as he is making great efforts to do all his exercises and as we speak he is out at the swimming pool.  The withered muscle on his calf is at last beginning to get some definition so things are improving but the pain is the main problem.  

At one point yesterday we were invaded by hundreds of gulls and you would have thought we lived next door to a land fill site.  From the bedroom window I could see that one of the neighbours must have put out loads of food which was obviously what had attracted them.  Between them and the pigeons the little birds don't stand a chance, no wonder they are in decline.

Well that about it for today time I got underway and did something constructive.  Have a good one and stay warm if you can.
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