Wednesday morning

Well what a day we had yesterday it snowed hard all morning and the wind blew it into dense clouds.  It started as that fine polystyrene granule stuff and ended up in proper big fat flakes by lunch time we had a couple of inches then the sun came out and melted it all away.  Well not quite all of it we still have small piles around the garden.  I put on my "nanook of the north", clothes and went and sorted the hens out.  Poor little things were huddled in their house looking very depressed.  I had boiled up some peeling for them and soaked a big bread crust so they a least had some decent grub.  Their water was frozen solid so that had to be sorted out and I refilled their container with warm water so that it would take a bit longer before it froze again.  It is still below zero but I dont think we are forecast any more snow for today.

The busy day we had anticipated all disintegrated and everything was cancelled the house is mess as Dennie didn't come. So today it falls to me to straighten things out.  Mark the gardener didn't come either which was very sensible and Mike had to cancel his appointment with our financial man as he was stuck in the snow.  

The only people who were delighted by they weather were the dogs who ran about like idiots pretending to be snow ploughs and eating great mouthfuls of snow.  I turned my hand to lunch which was left over pasta with pesto which I then converted into a frittata by adding onions tomatoes eggs and cheese.  I then made a big pot of ox cheek stew which we had for supper with boiled potatoes and mashed swede and parsnip.  Proper winter grub!!!! I also took out a brace of guinea fowl which we will be having for lunch today as we are expecting Shiona.  It is her turn to bunk with us while her dogs are having a day of grooming.   It reminds me of the days when I used to take the boys to school and drop them off at 9 and pick them up at 3.30.  You think you have plenty of time in between but in fact it just disappears.  

In my box of vegetables was a pound of jerusalem artichokes which I am going to make into soup.  We all love it but are only too aware of the terrible side effects.  It is hard to believe that such an innocuous little vegetable can create hurricane force wind in the gut, but the flavour of the soup is well worth the aftermath.

I never did get round to doing the ironing yesterday so that is where I will start today and at least get that out of the way.  Then I can get on with the kitchen duties and get everything prepared for lunch.  I want to go to the wool shop today and see what is available in the left over bucket as I am on my last ball of 4ply and my blanket is growing well. 
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