Wednesday monrning

Mittens finished just in time

What a fabulous day it was yesterday warm sunny and lovely.  Mark came and made some good headway in the garden which now looks tidy and ready for the coming year.  I got stuck in and got the chicken run sorted out so that we are ready for new hens as soon as I can go and buy some.  I cleaned out the pond-pump and filter and got that back up and running.  Basso and Nip had a nice walk down by the sea side which was crowded with what looked like a coach load of elderly folks on a day out.   I made a potato salad to go with our poached salmon which I had done some time ago in the sous vide and then frozen.  As it turned out it was rather too much for us so the remainder has been made into some individual salmon mousses which will make a good starter with a bit of toast and some cucumber.  For supper we had a big pot of chicken soup made with all the left overs from the weekend.  

Today we are due to go shooting if the weather holds and I have taken out some pheasant breast to have for lunch.  They are already cooked in the sous vide wrapped in parma ham so today I will just heat them through with some mushrooms and cream and that will be lunch.  Now if only I can shoot as well as I did last week!!!  I will probably make a pigs ear of it knowing me.  I have been continuing on and off to transfer my recipes and am now just short of 500.  It is a bit of a tedious job but something I can do when I sit down for a cup of coffee.  

The sun really lifts the spirits and invigorates you suddenly I want to clean and polish things, plant seeds and get the vegetable garden going.  Mark sprayed all the paths with weedkiller as they are heavily encrusted with moss from the very wet winter.  The garlic and onions that I planted in the autumn are underway and looking good.  Fortunately the pigeons don't seem to like alliums so they are safe.  The greenhouse had two rows of peas planted in the autumn which are now about 6 inches high and should flower before too long.  In an effort to cut down on the work I intend to fill one bed with globe artichokes which I enjoy eating and as they are perennial plants once established they should occupy the bed for some years.

They make very architectural plants so some may find their way into the flower beds as well. The foliage is a lovely grey colour and the flowers if left to develop make huge purple thistles.  Anyway apparently artichoke bottoms freeze well so a bumper crop should not be a problem.  I have grown jerusalem artichokes before but find it difficult to use all the tubers given their wind creating ability.   Much as we like them they do turn you into a hovercraft in a matter of hours.  

On that happy note I will love you and leave you and get the bins out now that the danger of foxes magpies and the local cats should largely have passed, plastic bags are no deterrent to them.

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