Tuesday morning

And still we shiver in sub zero temperatures, thank goodness for central heating.  Yesterday was a busy day with Mark arriving bright and early.  We got the wisteria fixed on the new wires and hopefully supported well enough to survive the winds.  He then progressed on to dealing with the compost heaps which were sieved of big bits and then wheelbarrowed out on to the flower beds as a mulch.  Sadly there was insufficient to do the whole garden so on his next visit he is going to stock up with some bagged compost to finish the job.  We are hoping that 10 bags should be enough to do the job.  At least if we get the mulch on nice and early then the weeds should be fairly well suppressed and life will be easier all through the season.  Mark had just returned from a week in Italy and, good boy that he is, he brought us a kilo of parmesan cheese.

No sooner had he left than Sandi and her two dogs turned up.  Basso was over the moon not only his work colleague Yoda but also his girlfriend Casey as you can imagine the first few minutes were absolute mayhem with excited dogs charging about all over the place.  Sandi had brought treats and it didn't take Basso's nose long to locate them.  Once they were all given a chew they settled down and we could get on with sorting out Sandi's knitting problem and getting the chicken underway in the halogen oven.  I absolutely love my halogen oven for cooking chickens I give them 30 minutes breast down and 30 minutes breast up all at 200 then about 15 minutes resting.  Tender, moist and as I had removed the wishbone, easy to carve.  Well the four of us made the chicken look pretty silly so the remainder is in the pot making soup which will do for lunch today.  I will need to get going pretty early and clear the kitchen as we are expecting Dennie to come and clean.  For once the house is not too bad as I have had to keep it under control and have managed to do a few extra bit and bobs over the last three weeks.  It is the silly little jobs that then to get forgotten like washing the shower curtain and cleaning the dishwasher and washing machine.  Somehow in my mind things that are for cleaning should not need cleaning themselves!!!

If I get my timing right I should be able to get the dogs out for a walk while Dennie is here which kills two birds with one stone; it gives her a clear run and the dogs get a walk so everyone is happy.  The veg box is due today which is just as well as I am clean out of vegetables with the exception of a few potatoes.
  • White Potatoes (sante) UK
  • Carrots UK
  • Onions NL
  • Calabrese Broccoli IT/ES
  • Spring greens UK
  • Mushrooms UK
  • Celeriac NL
  • Vine Tomatoes ES
A good selection this week and the spring greens will make a good accompaniment to my leg of lamb on Sunday.  They try to keep it to British produce but at this time of the year it is all rather difficult however at least the stuff is from relatively close not the other side of the world.

Well thats about it much to do so I am off to the kitchen to get started, have a good day all surely spring can only be just around the corner!!!!!


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