Tuesday Morning

As luck would have it my plans got shelved so the bank account is intact.  James was a bit shattered after swimming and Mike had taken our car off to the local shops so I abandoned the idea of going to Bluewater and stayed at home.  Instead I went and sorted the hens out as they are going through their food at a rate of knots and I also take them up any kitchen scraps - yesterday they had some of the skin from the ham cut into worm like strips which were very popular.  Hens are very definitely not vegetarians.  

The pea and ham soup made a good lunch especially as it was accompanied by a ham sandwich and for supper James made a very good prawn risotto.  I followed Joys thermomix recipe for boiled eggs and was delighted with perfectly boiled eggs. The whites firm and the yolks beautifully runny.  Today's menu is all up in the air, the fridge is bare as is the vegetable cupboard so I will have to have a trawl through the freezer and find something.  My veg box is due today but doesn't usually arrive until after lunch.  This weeks contents is:-
  • small potatoes (valor) UK
  • carrots UK
  • onions NL
  • calabrese broccoli IT/ES
  • butternut squash ARG
  • cauliflower UK
  • swede UK
  • mushrooms UK
As you can see the vast majority of the vegetables are from the UK so that is pleasing and come the summer it is all UK seasonal produce with the exception of some things from their organic farm in France.  From the contents I can see a butternut squash soup coming up at some point and perhaps a cauliflower cheese as a supper dish.

I may get to Bluewater today or may leave it until tomorrow and go with Shiona as I think shooting will be off because of the weather they have forecast snow for us but nothing too dramatic

Have a good day all............

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