Tuesday morning

What a grotty day all round we set off for the dog groomers in a blizzard and arrived somewhat late owing to the weather conditions.  Basso went in willingly which was good we then made our way to Shiona's house where there was no snow at all.  She gave us a lovely lunch of of roast pork - now not just any old pork but Gloucester old spot  from a lady small holder - which was cooked in the halogen oven and served with mash roasted roots and gravy.  It was absolutely delicious we then settled down to doing her french homework as she is attending local french classes.  As it happend the lesson was all about french cakes so that was relatively easy for those of us who like cooking.  Anyway is it was soon time to fetch Basso from the groomer and now sooner did he see me than he dragged the lad bodily across the room.  His comment was that Basso was very strong but apparently he had behaved very well and the photos dont really do him justice.  He was desperate to go home and slept like the dead in the car on the way home and was just pleased to have his supper and go to bed exhausted from the trauma of his day in the beauty parlour.  They have left rather too much coat on him but given the weather I can understand why.  We then drove home in yet another blizzard which made for some pretty unpleasant driving.  I was pole axed with tiredness and and only lasted long enough to cook a bit of pasta and toss some pesto on it then I went off to bed and I was sparko by 8pm so need less to say it is now 2am but I have every intention of going back to bed and trying for a couple more hours sleep.  For one thing it is freezing and the heating doesn't come on until 4am so snuggled under the duvet seems the best place to be.

The garden is white and we are forecast more snow this morning - I gave the hens some warm water yesterday in the hope that it would not freeze too quickly and they had used their small brains and were huddled in the house for warmth.  I do feel really sorry for them it must be quite a shock for them to find themselves in the freezing world.  

Today we are due for a busy day Mike has an appointment with our financial advisor this morning and I will be in charge of Dennie and Mark if they come.  Then I need not only to sort out food for today but also something for Shiona for lunch on Wednesday as it her turn to dump the dogs at the groomer and bunk with us while she waits.  I have a couple or three parsnips and have found a recipe for tarte tatin which sounds as if it might be nice,  and I think I may defrost a couple of guinea fowls and roast them.  I also have loads of ox cheek so I feel a mega stew coming on and in this weather is will by just what the doctor ordered.  There is left over pasta and pesto so that will have a few additions and get fried off as frittata for lunch.  

Well that is about it for now I am off back to my duvet to warm up and see if I cant get a bit more sleep before I face the day and the mountain of ironing.  Hope you are not suffering too badly with this nasty winter weather.....
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