Tuesday morning

Yesterday was cold but it was gloriously sunny and despite the frosty start we made some 9 degrees in the sunshine.

I spent most of the morning coming to grips with left overs in the kitchen and getting the laundry done.  For lunch we had some cold chicken salad and potato croquetes.  The slow cooker was pressed into action to make some bolognese sauce which this time I am hoping to get as far as the freezer.  Supper was a cauliflower cheese and crispy bacon and the chicken carcass has made a big pot of soup and food for the dogs.  All of which takes time and creates shed loads of washing up.  The cheese sauce of course was made in the thermo and all the chopping of veg for the bolognese was also easily accomplished by the machine.  In between processes I booked up our holiday and was successful in getting the pitch I wanted.  Now I know that we had to buy the caravan in the first place and we pay for storage and insurance but this years the holiday for 6 adults and 4 dogs to have a weeks holiday is under £350 which you must admit is good value for money.  Food of course is on top of this but we would eat if we were at home so I don't count that.  Fuel is a consideration but it is only 100 miles so not too far and the van is only towed some 14 miles.  

Today we are expecting Mark the gardener to come and I have a few jobs for him to do.  The paths in the vegetable garden are full of moss and weeds so they could use a good clean out and I am hoping to get the chicken run sorted out so that I can get some more hens soon.  

The sun is up so it is time I got underway have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine if you have some.

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