Thursday morning

The week is nearly over but yesterday we saw something we haven't seen for ages I refer to the SUN we caught a few glimpses what a treat.  This morning however we are back to the grey overcast sky we have been enduring for what seems like months.  

Shiona did pop over and we made the burger lunch with all the trimmings.  I bought more of the small peppers and stuffed them with chopped chorizo before baking and they made a very nice accompaniment to the meal. She managed to fit her dog bath in the her car for the journey home   and we were both pleased with the size of the baths it should make bathing the dogs a much easier prospect.   For supper I made a duck dish which has to be the simplest dish in the world.  

Duck legs however many you have.
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
Salt a pepper

In a pan place your duck legs, I had three, then over the top tip a can of chopped tomatoes and rinse the tin with a half quantity of water.  Next season with salt a pepper then turn the fire on low  cover and allow to simmer until the meat is falling from the bones.  If necessary adjust the seasoning and allow the sauce to simmer to a consistency you like.  Then tip over some pasta you have boiled al dente and serve.  So much better than the sum of the parts and legs are pretty cheap so also economical.

This morning when I got up it was light and there in the garden was a large dog fox sauntering around as if he owned the place.  The dogs were blissfully unaware and still asleep.  I watched the fox to make sure he didn't have a go at hens but he just stopped for a drink from the pond and then hopped back over the fence to my neighbours garden.  Today I will need to clean the hens out as they are making a bit of a mess of their house as they are spending a lot of time indoors because of the weather.  

We managed to get a leg of lamb at half price so that will do for Easter Sunday but tomorrow being Good friday it is traditional to have fish so I will look at making a fish pie today.  As for food for today I am stumped and will have to have a trawl around in the freezer and see what I can find that might fit the bill.  

I also have a pile of ironing which is building so I had better get some of that done if it is not to grow in to an unmanageable pile that gets left because it is too big to tackle.  I know that this can happen all too easily with jobs you dont like doing so on that note I will finish these rambling and make a start.

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