Thursday morning

Well I hope you are all tucked up in bed where you should be.  I am awake and up but it is all my own fault, so no one to blame but myself.  Yesterday morning I went back to bed and and had a couple of extra hours sleep only to wake with a banging headache which I know is a consequence of going back to sleep.  Anyway, fortified with aspirin I did the morning chores and made ready to go out with Shiona when she arrived.  We made out way to Woolwich to the oriental supper market where we bought loads of goodies.  This was definitely the best option as the weather was foul it was wet and very cold so not a day for the outdoors.  Once we got home we made a joint effort in the kitchen and in 20 minutes produced a wonderful Chinese feast.  A stir fry of bean sprouts with garlic and ginger, char siu pork, potsticker dumplings and an assortment of dim sum with dipping sauces.

 Once we were completely stuffed we settled down to watch a the film "Due Date" which is a comedy about a man trying to get back to LA for the birth of his first child.  Of course it is fraught with a catalogue of disasters and reminds me of "Planes trains and automobiles" which is a very similar plot line.

It was about 4.30 when Shiona decided to leave but her dogs refused to move.  Apparently Basso had invited them to supper and they were not moving until they had had it.  So I served up supper for  all the dogs while we had another cup of tea then they were happy to go home.  I had a few words with Basso about inviting friends and not letting the chef know.

James was out all day visiting friends so we all spent the day apart which I think has done us all good with the terrible weather we have been stuck in each others pockets for weeks which does nothing for peace and harmony.

Today I want to go to Aldi as they have on their specials a non slip bath mat which I would like.

Our bath is very slippery and as we have to stand in it for a shower a non slip mat is a good idea.  The one I have currently, though clean, looks tatty and grubby so a new one is very much in order.  The old one I will use in the dog bath I have also ordered.

This will allow me to bath Basso outside and so keep the bathroom a bit cleaner.  I don't believe in regular bathing of dogs but there are occasions when it is necessary if we are to live in the same house.  With any luck I should be able to get him in and out of this bath much more easily than ours and it has a handy plug hole for emptying it so I can also wash down the patio at the same time.   I think it could also come in handy for soaking and washing large items or mixing up potting compost.

Well on that happy note I am off to get on with a few bits and bobs - it is sub zero outside but at least it seems to be dry at the moment.
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