Thursday morning

Yesterday morning saw me getting stuck into a bit of housework, the ironing got done and the kitchen floor swept washed and them steamed clean of the muddy paw prints.  The guinea fowl were just basically prepared and seasoned.  I peeled some potato to nestle round the birds and used up the last of some frozen mixed vegetables.  The birds were roast until an internal temperature of 74 degrees was reached then they were put to one side to rest for about 20 minutes while I made the gravy.  We had had a foray out to the wool shop when Shiona arrived and I stocked up on three 50 gram balls of wool to continue my multicoloured blanket.  Shiona had all but finished a penguin hat and needed some red wool for the beak.  We then headed to Aldi and stocked up on some essentials like chocolate!!!  I also bought some fascinating small orange peppers which look like large chilies but are in fact are sweet peppers which, as yet, I am not sure what I am going to do with.  No doubt something will come to mind.  

We manage to eat one bird for lunch and the second I allowed to cool then stripped the meat from the carcass.  Both carcasses were put in a pot to make stock and the breast meat was used for supper in a sort of stroganoff idea of onions mushroom and cream served with some rice.  Shiona had bought a beanie hat in Aldi which she used as a lining for her knitted hat.  The beanie hat cost her the princely sum of 49p - you can't buy lining material for that price.  

Today, I still have some of the meat left which I intend to use as filling for some pancakes which will be smothered in cheese sauce and baked.  

The snow has finally cleared from the garden but has been replaced with a very hard frost and temperatures well below zero.  This means each morning I have to go and break the ice off the hens water which freezes over night.  This very cold weather has ensured that the girls are great friends as they need to huddle together for warmth.  They are still very skittish with me and run for cover whenever they see me as yet they haven't worked out that it is me that provides the good things to eat unlike the dogs who know only too well who is in charge of the food.  

Today looks as if it may be sunny as there is not a cloud in the sky but it is very cold so a brisk walk with the dogs will be a cold affair but with all my thermal gear on I should stay warm.  

Have a good day all and stay warm!!!

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