Sunday morning

Yesterday was a sort of weather sandwich here.  First snow then rain then snow and back to rain. This morning the snow has settled leaving just a dusting.  It is bitterly cold at -2 and according to the weather forecast we are to expect a miserable week ahead so no change there then.  It wouldn't be so bad if we saw the sun from time to time but I feel like a newt living at the bottom of a pond with nothing but grey and wet above me.  So, by way of compensation, I beavered away in the kitchen and made sunny dishes.  A butternut squash soup for lunch and with it we had the scotch eggs I had been burning to make.

Please note the soft yolks, I followed the instructions from the British Larder recipe and boiled the eggs for 7 minutes exactly and then immediately plunged them into cold water.  This ensured that the whites were stiff enough to allow for pealing but that the yolk stayed soft.  With the oil at 160 degrees it took just long enough to brown the eggs and cook the sausage meat without getting to the still soft yolks.  They certainly brought a smile to our faces and though there is a fair amount of work they were very definitely worth the effort and bore no comparison to the shop bought variety which seem to be coated with sawdust.  The left over sausages and a couple of rashers of bacon made a decent addition to the cauliflower cheese which was our supper. The cheese sauce of course was made in the Thermomix while the cauliflower steamed.

Today I have a belly of pork which I bought in the oriental shop and that is going to be slow roasted in the oven with roast potatoes and broccoli.  It is very definitely hot soup and stew weather with not the slightest hankering for a salad.  I really don't know how the Scandinavians manage with months of darkness and I perfectly understand primitive people who worship the sun as a god.  Let's hope that we get a decent summer this year.  

I just glanced up at the thermometer and it has dropped to -4 in the time it has taken me to write these ramblings.  Given that the thermometer is against the house wall it must be a bit warmer than the surroundings so it really is very cold. 

Stay warm it is a day for snuggling next to a roaring fire with a mug of hot soup..............


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