Sunday morning

This is the current state of the crochet blanket it is laid on top of a king size bed to give you some idea of scale.  As you can see the stripes are getting narrower and narrower and each is a 50 gram ball of wool which is only making about two circuits.  I have no idea where to stop but as it is crochet I suppose I can stop anywhere and always add to it at a later date if the fancy takes me.  

Yesterday was a truly foul day it rained and rained and the wind blew a gale.  We took the dogs for a run and it was pretty lonely as there were not many mad people walking in that weather.  However it certainly blew away a few cobwebs and we felt not only revitalised but but also proud of our efforts. The fish we had for lunch was nice but it was laking a bit of substance so I hastened to make a batch of scones with loads of cheese and chorizo sausage in them which filled the gap.  We ate them smothered in butter and straight from the oven - for my money the only way to go.  

Supper was postponed until after the Rugby which we had to watch.  England were so close to winning the six nations but the Welsh absolutely hammered them and I am afraid they deserved to loose.  I was not unhappy with the result as my dad used to play rugby for Llanethli and also played at the old Cardiff Arms Park.  Some years ago I got a neighbour of mine to teach me the words to the Welsh national anthem "Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau" which means I can make a complete idiot of myself with the TV volume turned right up singing along as, in my humble opinion, it is the best of of all the tunes.  Remi and Marjorie you must be happy with the French win over the Scots!!!

Anyway rugby over we had our stuffed squid for supper.  It was all prepared so it just needed 45 minutes at 180 and supper was served.  

Today the weather is a bit quieter and at the moment it is dry.  For lunch today I am going to do a piece of bacon which is soaking out some of the salt as I type.  Once boiled I am unsure what sauce to do with it.  I could do parsley or mustard white sauce or I could make a port and red-current reduction.  Then I am hoping that the boiling liquid will be OK for a pea soup.  Some times it is just too salty but I am always hopeful.  I think I will serve it with plain boiled potatoes and some steamed broccoli.  With any luck there should be just enough left over for a sandwich for supper as it is not a particularly big joint.

Have a nice peaceful Sunday and lets hope the weather improves next week...

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