Sunday morning

A good day was had by all yesterday the fish pies were made.  I made one large one and a smaller one for the freezer.  The large one would do for lunch as Sandi and her other half came to visit and have lunch with us.  First we took the dogs for a run at the sea side and for once the wind was not too bad so it was almost pleasant.  James managed a good distance with no crutches so that was a first.  He limps badly but is making progress. 

It was lovely to see Sandi as we have not managed to get together since the end of the hunting season.  We have also decided that we can have a holiday in our caravan over a three week period.  Mike and I would have week one then hand it over to Sandi and David for the second week then James and I would have the third week that way everyone gets a break.  The van has two double beds so it will accomodate us all easily.  As we have the only car that can tow it we have to do weeks one and three.  Now all we have to do is organise the dates to coincide with Davids works holidays.  Then Sandi and I may have a week away in September with no men just the dogs.

Today is a roast chicken day and I fancy making a victoria sandwich for tea time I haven't made one in ages as we are not really cake people so it will be a bit of a novelty.  By the way, thanks for the recipes for the lemon curd Joy, they have both been entered into my new programme.  I love lemon curd in fact I love almost anything lemon flavoured.  The chicken will be cooked in the Halogen oven which does a lovely job and keeps the meat really moist.  

While I was doing my recipes I came across some of Rosemary Shrager's recipes and found she has a new web site advertising a one day courses in Kent.  What a nice idea thought I, until I discovered that it was £245 for the day - wow! just a bit rich I think even with the three course lunch.

Well on that note it is time I got going with the lunch preparations.  Have a good day all........

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