Saturday morning

What a lie in!  I was up as usual at 4 but felt really tired so I went back to bed and promptly fell asleep.  Yesterday was such a miserable day here it rained continuously the whole day.  Never very heavy but constant.  The poor hens must think they have landed in hell going from a nice warm shed with all their mates to a miserable cold and wet world!!!!!

It is still very grey this morning but at least the rain has stopped.  Today we are going to track down a supplier for hen food which is 16% protein which is what they need and not that easy to come by.  Having discussed the problem I had with my last lot of hens it may well have been protein deprivation that led to all the feather pecking behaviour.   Anyway this time I will make sure the feed is better and hope this prevents any problems. Given the high protein value of eggs it does make sense that they would need a protein rice feed.

On our menu today we have some lamb shanks which have boiled for 2 hours yesterday and today the will be bathed in honey and soy sauce before roasting off in the oven.  A nice pile of massed spuds and some spring greens should complete the meal.

My crochet blanket is progressing well but it is now so large that a 50g ball of yarn only does two circuits.  I am down to my last 2 balls so I will have to have a trip to the wool shop end of line bucket and pick up a few more balls.

Well being so late up I had better get going or the day will just fritter away.........

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