Saturday morning

Here we go, back to egg production though as you can see the egg is just a bit on the small side a bit larger than a quail egg but definitely smaller that a normal hens egg.  As yesterday turned out to be nice and sunny I let the hens loose in the big run fully expecting a battle royal to get them back to bed in the evening.  Actually, I was pleasantly surprised, they seem convinced that I am the cockerel and sit down the minute they see me so it was an easy job to pick them up and tuck them back into bed.  I checked the nestbox and there was a second small egg.  

I got stuck in to making the fish pies and as luck would have it there was sufficient fish to make three pies.  I had a few large prawns left in a bag in the freezer so they were added to the smoked haddock, salmon and cod.  James peeled the potatoes for me which was no mean feat as they were on the small side and we needed a whole bagful to cover the pies. The Thermo made the white sauce to which I added a nice handful of flat leaf parsley from the greenhouse. We had one pie for lunch with steamed broccoli and the other two are in the freezer for some later date.  Today we are going to have some pork chops with sage and onion stuffing for lunch and tomorrow it will be the leg of lamb both of which I took out of the freezer last night.  

We took the dogs for a walk down at the seaside and boy was the wind cold.  When it dropped it was rather pleasant but when it blew it cut you in half.  Foolishly I had no hat and my ears really suffered.  It was lovely to get back in the car and head home for some hot coffee and into a nice warm house.  This rotten cold weather has lasted a long time but at least we had some sunshine which makes it all bearable.

Sandi's socks are finished and I have started a pair with some yarn I bought in Aldi.  It is double knitting so much quicker to knit.  The colour is a pale mint green so I think they will look more like bed socks than anything else anyway it keeps me out of mischief.  It is a huge ball of wool so I thought I might also make a cot blanket and give it to a charity shop as I don't know anyone who is expecting.

Have a lovely Easter everyone and long may the sunshine last.


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