Saturday morning

I don't know about you lot but I for one am getting very bored with the winter, it is time it finished.  Yesterday, we had a couple of flurries of snow but nothing significant however the wind was bitingly cold.  I suppose I shouldn't complain having seen the pictures of the rest of the country under inches of snow.  At the moment we have very light snow which is not settling just enough to be annoying.   

Did I make the scotch eggs yesterday? well no, the men talked me out of it as they felt it was a lot of mucking about.  So we ended up having more of the Chinese goodies from the freezer and for supper we had a take away from a Nepalese place which was actually very nice.  We have a lot of Nepalese in the area as it was a military base for the Gurkas.    

My only excursion was to clean out the hens who were especially pleased to see me as I had the remains of some dried shrimp which had been soaking for 24 hours and a big bread crust by way of a treat.   I also spent a while with Basso playing hide and seek with his dummies in the garden but soon gave that up as I was freezing.

I did two loads of washing with my new eco egg and I was quite satisfied with the results.  Both loads were coloured so I have not yet tried it on whites and nothing was particularly dirty.  Well that is not strictly true the washing machine soap draw was filthy and when I dismantled it I was shocked at just how filthy it was.  Somehow in my mind I think that washing machines should wash themselves clean!!!

Today looks like a repeat of yesterday it is certainly not a day for venturing out of doors unless really necessary.  I think it will be a day for catching up on some of the indoor chores which get left like tidying the wardrobes and cupboards and getting the shower curtain down and washed.  Perhaps it is a day for cleaning the ovens :(  Oh roll on spring and summer ............  One bit of good news we got a nice cheque for the electricity generated by the roof even through this miserable weather we are still making money.
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