Saturday morning

Well there is plenty of weather this morning it may not be so cold but it is blowing a gale and persisting down with rain.  Definitely a day for staying indoors if you can.  Yesterday I made a lasagne for lunch and was very disappointed with the pasta it said it was the type that did not need pre-cooking but as my sauce was relatively dry I thought I had better give it a bit of a boil first.  Despite this it was still tough however as the other ingredients were delicious it was easy to filter it out.  I put a layer of meat mixture followed by a layer of mozzarella fresh tomato and basil then carried on with pasta meat and finally a good dose of white sauce made by the thermomix and topped off with a generous portion of parmesan.  The addition of the mozzarella layer makes a big difference and means that you dont need so much meat sauce.

Today, I am having fish day we are going to have a monkfish tail wrapped in parma ham and baked in the oven and then for supper we are having squid tubes stuffed and cooked with anchovies, capers and tomatoes.  Both dishes will only take minutes to cook so I will not be chained to the stove all day.  In my vegetable box this week there was a huge lettuce so we had half yesterday and the other half will make a nice salad to accompany the monk fish or the squid. 

I was hoping to have some time in the garden today but I think that has to be put on the back burner. The pipe work has come off the pump in the pond and needs re-fixing and now that it had melted and is no longer ice covered I can have a go.  I did manage to get the hens cleaned out and they are beginning to notice that I am the bringer of good things to eat and are not quite so terrified of me.  Anyway first and foremost I need to brace myself and plunge out into the weather to walk the dogs.  I must admit that I quite enjoy the wild weather and it is so nice to come back to a warm and dry house, to a hot cup of coffee and a comfy chair.............

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