Saturday morning

Here we are the first weekend in March so spring can't be too far away!!!  We seem to have been living in a world of grey, cold and damp for ages with sunshine just a distant memory.  

I knuckled under and did my monthly chores and made a splendid lasagne for supper.  I had a mozzarella in the fridge so I did one layer of that amongst the meat sauce layers and finally topped it off with a white sauce made in the thermo and a decent amount of cheese topping.  What a feast it was, served with a nice green salad it was a really delicious supper.  On todays menu will be a fish pie I have all the ingredients that I need and I think there will be enough to make several pies so I will have some for the freezer.

At 12 midday I went off to the hairdresser looking like the Dulux dog on a bad day but now my hair is once again short and manageable.  I really should be more disciplined about going every 6 weeks instead of leaving it until it is completely unbearable before I make the appointment.  The knitted mittens are coming along well and the first is finished so a couple of days will see them completed.  The yarn I am using knits up to look like fair-isle which is quite intriguing.  

James had a successful day too. The face to face meeting with the DWP person finally got through to them the sort of condition he was in.  He then had an appointment with our GP who told him he was really proud of the way he has handled cutting back to zero on his analgesics.  He has left his prescription unchanged so that he can have pain killers if he needs them.  This of course is a security blanket and takes away the fear element.  How very sensible and what a pleasant change.  We carefully select this particular doctor as he is the only one in the practice that we trust. The less said about the others the better.  I would rather go and see the vet than some of them but best of all I avoid them completely where possible.

It has been one hell of a year and I am pleased to be seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.  Thank heavens for my good friends who have supported me and kept me out of the funny farm.  It really is when the chips are down that you find out who your real friends are.  Writing this blog has also made me think carefully and keep my head straight so thank you too for being there to listen to my moans and groans.

Have a good weekend all and hopefully the spring sun will be with us soon without the need for human sacrifice...............

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