Monday morning

The snow situation here is not bad we had a covering which lasted all day yesterday but didn't get added to.  This morning looking at the thermometer it is just below zero so not quite as cold as it has been.  

For lunch I slow roasted a belly of pork which we had with broccoli and a puree of swede and carrot.    Once the meat was done I took the crackling off and returned it to a hot oven while the meat rested and therefore it came out super crispy.  All in all very successful.  The skin had not been scored which meant that I could do it myself in nice half inch strips which were easy to eat.  Today I am going to roast a chicken which will do us several meals - I have also made a serious stew with the ox cheeks that I bought and that will do for another day or I might put a crust on it and call it meat pie.

We had a real surprise yesterday my Japanese friend came to give Basso a pedicure as the school had failed to clip his dew claws which had got horribly long.  She has some lovely clippers and it is a bit of a two man job as Basso is not keen.  We had a nice chat and coffee once the dog was sorted and moaned about the weather.  Then later that evening she sent her husband down to deliver some spring rolls she had just made - they were really yummy, there's nothing like the real thing is there?  They fitted in perfectly with our supper of bits and bobs and left overs.

Mark the gardener is coming today and hopefully we will get the wisteria all tied in and safe before it comes into leaf.  He is going to put some wires between the posts so that we can attach it easily.  It was originally held on a rope catenery but that has rotted away leaving it dangling.  

I did a load of whites yesterday with the eco egg and I must say I was pleased with the results so apparently it does exactly what is says on the tin much to my surprise and delight.

Well thats about it for today hope you are all warm with both your gas and electricity working if you are snowed in.  
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