Monday morning

Yesterday was a bit mixed the weather was drizzly but not too cold and the wind was down so better than it has been.

The boiled bacon for lunch was a success as the poaching liquid was not too salty and therefore allowed me to boil the potatoes and steam the broccoli in the same pan.  I had added the usual ingredients of carrot onion and celery and the obligatory bay leaves.  The men decided that mustard sauce was their preference so that's what the Thermo was set to make.  There was sufficient meat left for each of us to have a slice for supper to which we added not just a fried egg but a portion of chips from the kebab shop.  A portion for one did the three of us handsomely.  We are still on shop bought eggs as the girls are not yet up to laying.  Yellow split peas have now been added to the bacon liquid and the Thermo has done its stuff and made the soup which we will have for lunch today.  There is still a small chunk of meat left so an accompanying sandwich will be in order.

I got out into my potting shed and planted up 8 pots with globe artichoke seeds, I will now have to wait and hope that they germinate.  They make large architectural plants so I have only planted a small number.  Any that don't fit in the veg plot can go in a flower bed and as they are hardy perennials they should be with us for a long time.  

Yesterday afternoon I happened upon a film on the TV which I had never seen "All quiet on the Western front"  It was a film from the German perspective of the first world war and very movingly told.  It was the 1979 version but I believe there was a film version of the book as early as 1930.  It is strange how you can so completely miss an important film.  It really did make me think how amazing it was that following such a terrible war people were so willing to have another bash.

I did a couple of loads of washing but no chance of drying outside so they are draped around the house.  It really will be wonderful to use the garden line and get the washing dry outside when we eventually get some fine weather.  

I think I am going a bit stir crazy so today I am taking myself out to the Bluewater shopping centre for a couple of hours which will at least get me out of the house.  Jeff is unable to join us on Wednesday for shooting and from the forecast it all looks very doubtful so I am going to take this opportunity to escape the house.  I have no shopping in mind but there is a Lakeland so it is a dangerous place to go.  


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