Monday morning

Lovely bunch of lilies with some cherry blossom by way of a mothers day present.  I was also treated to a cooked breakfast and a takeaway Chinese supper so all in all a good day.  The forecast snow has not yet arrived but it is blowing a force 9 outside at the moment and it is below zero in temperature.  Frankly snow would make a welcome change from the terrible grey overcast and foggy days we have had lately.  The couple of days of sunshine really were just a tease....

Our broadband and cable TV packed up on Saturday afternoon and we were told it would not be back till Tuesday as they had a major fault.  However, it came back last night just in time for me to watch the programs I had earmarked to watch.

On Saturday we took a trip out to a huge aircraft hanger of a place where they sell all things animal from pig pellets to horse blankets and everything in between.  We managed to get a 20Kg bag of 17% protein layers pellets and also had a good walk round just looking at all the gear and so pleased that we don't have horses.

Today is the day to take Basso to the groomers which is over in the general direction of Shiona's house so we are going there to wait out the day until we can collect him.  She is going to provide us with lunch which will save us the at least 2 hours of driving only having to do 2 journeys.  James is off to visit a friend so he is under his own steam.  

Tomorrow will be a busy day as Mark is due to come and do some wiring to hold up my wisteria before it comes into leaf and is heavy enough to break.  Dennie is also due and I have done all the washing so that should be out of the way.

Anyway time I got going it is nice to be back in communication again it was all a bit miserable with no internet I suddenly realised how very much I use it.
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