Monday morning

Yesterday was an extraordinary day.  It was bright, sunny, warm and spring like what a change it was so nice that the patio doors stood open for a couple of hours and the house flooded with spring fresh air. Everyone just felt better and I managed to get a load of washing dry on the line outside.  After what seems like an eternity of greyness it was really lovely to see the sun again.

The roast chicken was done in the halogen oven and we all agreed that even if you cooked nothing else in it, it was worth is place in the batterie de cuisine just for roast chicken.  The addition of mashed potatoes, broccoli and gravy made for a delicious meal.  I have left over, not only chicken, but also mash so I feel some sort of rissole coming on for todays lunch.  I also pushed the boat out and made a victoria sandwich - I don't normally make cakes for one very good reason, we eat them.

And as you can see I wasn't quick enough to catch the cake while it was still in one piece.  A slice each for elevenses, one for dessert, and one for supper saw the whole cake demolished in one go.   It was the standard Mary Berry recipe which is pretty fool proof.  Virtually a whole jar of Aldi strawberry conserve finished it off beautifully.

Poor old Nip took the brunt of our spring fever and stood patiently while we went over him with the clippers on a number 4 which has just neatened him up a bit without depriving him of most of his coat.  Basso looked on in amazement as he perceives any interference with his coat as some form of torture.  I think he was worried that he would be next.  Little does he know but he is booked in next Monday for a full shampoo and set at the dog groomers.

We now have the dates for our holiday all sorted out so this morning I will phone and book up our pitch.  The site is open for bookings but not as yet for campers.  The season starts at the end of the month so I am hoping to get in early and book a favourable pitch.  I am so pleased that Sandi feels comfortable enough to use the van on her own once we have towed it to the site.  It does save it sitting idle and having spent a couple of weeks with me she is competent to use all the facilities.

Well that about it for this morning, I can't wait for the sun to rise and see if we are to be treated yet another day of sunshine......The termometer is reading 0 so I guess there is not much cloud.....

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