Good Friday

Traditionally today is the day for planting potatoes but as I am not growing any this year that is one job I will not have to do.  However, talking of potatoes they gave me a bit of a headache yesterday.  I was all set to make a fish pie for lunch today until I opened my bag of potatoes to discover they were the size of marbles and looked like new waxy type - no good for mash to top a fish pie.  So what to do?  I decided not to fight nature and if they are salad potatoes then make a salad so for lunch I made potato salad to go with some tinned herring fillets and use up the one little gem lettuce that was lurking in the fridge and the last of the little peppers stuffed with chorizo.

Supper was easy I had made a pie with some of the pheasant legs I had accumulated during the season so it was just a case of defrosting, reheating and browning the top.  

James bought me some baking potatoes while he was out collecting his prescription so today I will get stuck in to making the fish pie.  I think I have sufficient fish to make two pies so one can go in the freezer for some other day.  

We actually had a bit of sun between the clouds so yesterday was a brighter day and I got stuck into the ironing and got that out of the way.  Then while I was changing the sheets on the bed I managed to twist my back and boy did I know I had done something.  Being older and wiser these days I decided that pushing on was stupid so I gave in and went to bed after lunch and some pain killers then after an hours sleep I got up to find that the relaxation had been the very thing the back needed and I was no longer in pain.  Sometimes giving in is the right thing to do, all too often we push on and make matters worse.  Anyway, I am please to say that I am suffering no ill effects today so my prompt action seems to have done the trick.

The temperatures are still below zero at night but are starting to climb during the day we hit +4ºC yesterday so positively balmy by comparison with last week.  I am hoping to have some time to sort out the hens today and may let them loose in the big pen.  This does mean that each evening I will have to chase them into their small run where they are safe from the fox overnight.  It takes a little while to train them to go back to bed in the evening unless you are prepared to wait for darkness to fall when they will go to bed automatically.  As yet there is no sign of eggs but their combs are getting a bit redder so they are maturing and it shouldn't be too long now.  

Well that about it for today I am off to make the fish pies and let the thermo make the sauce while I deal with the potatoes.  I have a celeriac in the cupboard and I am in two minds as to what to do with it I could make remoulade or add it to the mash or make a puree - oh decisions decisions!!!!!

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