Friday Morning

What a miserable day it was yesterday, we had drizzly rain for most of the day.  This morning looks like it is not much better and we are sitting in the middle of a cloud so you can't see more than a few feet.  We set off bright and early to go to the poultry farm which is in Faversham.  I bought 4 point of lay brown hybrid laying hens and put them in a cardboard box for the journey home.  We stopped on the way back at a butchers at Brogdale which is actually famous for holding the British fruit collection and has hundreds of acres of fruit trees.  I had a bit of a field day and bought some venison sausages, lamb shanks, 4 ox cheeks and a lump of venison shoulder which I intend to make into burgers.  The ox cheek was frozen so I have put that straight into the freezer but the rest I will play with today.

When we got home I took the hens straight up to their house and with some difficulty got them out of the box in which they were determined to stay.  They are shut in the small run where they will stay for about a week until they have settled and recognise it as home.  Then they can be let out into the big run and we will have to train them to go to bed at night.  I don't expect them to start laying for a couple of weeks.  You can tell they are very young birds as their combs are small and pink not the usual large red combs you see on adult birds.  Basso was very keen to introduce himself but he was kept well out of sight I think the birds had had enough trauma for one day.....

In our absence James had made a lovely Mexican lunch with salsa and cheese guacamole and sour cream and rashers of crispy bacon all of which we could wrap in a a nice big tortilla.  Two of these made a very adequate lunch and for supper we finished off the left overs.  The Rosemary Shrager book had arrived and it is the first cookery book I have ever seen which doesn't have a single sweet recipe.  It does however, have a nice section on curing and I have a fancy to make my own bresaola with a piece of topside.  However, that will have to wait until the weather is a bit less humid.  There is also a great recipe for tongue which you cure yourself.  Oh am I going to have some fun...... Monicas' book contains not only some classic recipes but also some Samoan recipes which I will have to have a go at.  

Today I have two chores which I really must do one is to finish the ironing before the next load of washing catches it up.  Secondly I must clean out the fridge which is looking decidedly grubby.  It is one of those jobs that always gets put on the back burner and could really do with being added to my monthly chores so that it does get done.  I mop up any spills as I go but it really does need stripping out completely and giving a good clean but it always seems to be full.  

Well sitting here writing wont get anything done so I had better sign off and get going.......

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