Friday morning

Another very early start but I did fall asleep quite early last night.  After nearly a week of no knitting or crochet I have succumbed to making yet another pair of socks.  I find it hard to watch TV with nothing in my hands and I am sure I will find a home for the socks once they are finished.  I must admit I like knitting socks as they are quick to finish and I dont have time to get bored with them.

According to the weather forecast we are in for a pretty awful day with high winds but I think we will miss the snow and get heavy rain instead.  At the moment it is all quiet with the temperature only just above zero.  We are on the top of a hill so we seldom get the heavy frosts as they tend to accumulate in frost hollows but we do get the high winds.  

Yesterday I made an oriental type soup for lunch using up some of the shellfish that was lurking in the freezer and I made, what is in effect, a pesto with ginger garlic and coriander which I have frozen in small pots.  I don't know if this will work but I thought it was worth a try.  I just blitzed everything down in the Termo and added a bit of oil which I hope will stabilise it all.  Anyway, I will let you know if it works.  It should be a very nice addition to any stir fry if it holds its flavour.  The proper basil pesto works fine provided you don't add the cheese.  Supper  was a simple affair with an avocado pear with Worcester sauce - if you have not tried this do give it a go it is much nicer than it sounds and all I do is fill the hole where the stone is removed with a good splash of sauce.  We followed this with some chipolata sausages and mushrooms.  We ended up with a third course as Zoe had sent a nice slab of blueberry cake for us to try.  Today my mind is completely blank and I have not thought what to have.  

I am also experimenting with an eco egg for the laundry I have heard good reports from people including Shiona so we will see what happens - the first load is on as we speak and I will see what it turns out like.  According to the bumf you should get 720 loads of washing for an out lay of £20 and as a bonus the water is completely safe as no chemicals are added.  So I guess you could use it to water the garden in times of draught HA HA.  The rinse cycle of course is actually redundant but apparently it takes a while for the residue of washing powders to be removed from your clothes.  Fingers crossed!!!  Our water is nice and soft as we have a water-softener which we invested in some thirty years ago which means that we don't suffer from all the hard water problems common in this area where the water comes out of the taps in pebbles.  I will let you know if I think it is a good investment.  

The hens are finally getting used to me and were happy to wait at the door while I replenished their food and water.  Up until now they have scurried away and hidden in the house when they saw me coming but I think they are now aware that I am the one who provides the good things to eat.  It would be nice if we had some clear days so that I could turn them out and give their run a good clean but it doesn't look as if we are going to be lucky this weekend.  As yet there is no sign of eggs but it will not be long now before they start laying - the lengthening of the hours of daylight should encourage them.  Can you imagine what a celebration easter must have been when the hens came back into lay after the long lean winter, no wonder they painted them and gave them as presents.  I can't imagine life without eggs.  Now there is an idea what about homemade scotch eggs for lunch I would love to try and get them with soft yolks.  The recipe I am using will be from the British Larder restaurant which serves the best scotch eggs I have ever had.  Check out the web site here:  Joy you will find a whole section of recipes for the Termo.


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