Friday Morning

Well there goes another week, and up come the temperature.  What a strange week it has been from warm to cold and back to getting warm again.

The mothers day lilies are now opening up and flooding the house with their perfume.  I spent some time in the kitchen yesterday morning as I decided to make pancake cannelloni filled with the last of the meat from the guinea fowl and with a rich tomato sauce over the top.  The little peppers I plain roasted in the oven and then dressed with some nice olive oil.  The pancake mix was large enough for me to make some extra which I folded ready to make crepe suzette for supper.  About half of the fabulous stock from the carcasses made the artichoke soup which we also had for supper.  The dogs had both breakfast and dinner from the bits from the carcasses and I am left with about a litre of good stock for a risotto for today.  This means that I have made 17 portions of food for humans and 4 potions of dog food from the two Guinea fowl which cost me £7 as they were reduced.  OK, I have added some vegetables and store-cupboard ingredients but the main part has come from the birds.  In these days of money being tight and prices rising this seems to me like a very economical way to eat.   It just goes to show that with a bit of effort you can stretch a small amount of meat an extremely long way.  This morning I am going to make a lasagne for lunch with some of the bolognese sauce from the freezer.  The risotto will do nicely for supper with a nice big salad.  

James and I took the dogs for a walk yesterday at the rugby fields which meant a ride in his car as Mike had taken our car off to the shops.  It was the first time Basso had ridden in an ordinary car and not in a crate in the back.  He was a little reticent to get in on a seat but we had covered it with an old sheet to keep the mud off.  Nip happily rode in the passenger well at my feet.  When we got there we managed to walk on areas which had no snow but where there was a bank the melted snow had caused great muddy puddles to accumulate so it was all a bit wet.  

I am hoping that today with the temperature above freezing I will not have to smash the ice off the chickens water and it may be a good day to clean them out.  As yet I have kept them restricted to the small run but as the weather improves I will let them explore the bigger enclosure.  However, this will mean a bit of training to get them to go back into their house in the evenings.  Lets hope we have seen the last of the freezing weather and that spring will soon be on its way.


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