Friday morning

Yesterday was a bit of a rushed start.  I can't remember the last time I slept in until 7.30.  That left me an hour to shower and get a cooked breakfast for 5 underway before fetching our friends from the garage where their car was being serviced.  I cooked the bacon sausages tomatoes and mushrooms and put them in the oven to stay warm.  Then all I had to do was take the orders for eggs before serving up.  A cooked breakfast is always a treat.  Once that was done James and I went off shooting leaving Mike to run them back to the garage once their car was done,  which  was not until 12 mid day.

The shooting club was in some disarray as they were carrying out repairs and the site was dotted with big lorries and JCB's.   They had left only one of the skeet stands open so there was a bit of a queue.  Fortunately we could drive the car right up to the stand which meant we could wait in the warm as there was a freezing cold wind blowing.  The site is nestled almost under the QE2 bridge on marsh land very near the river.  To my huge surprise I shot really well.  James managed to get to the stands and he too shot none too badly so we were both very content with our morning.  We had a lunch in the club house where they do such things as bacon sandwiches and big mugs of tea, really refined!  but it was exactly what we needed.  We shared a bowl of chips and some came home in a doggy bag.  Basso, who was very disappointed at not being taken shooting, was not impressed with what we had managed to shoot, no rabbits, no birds just potatoes.  I'm sure he was very smug in the knowledge that we are rubbish without a dog.

Today James has various appointments with the government departments who don't seem to have the first clue what is going on, lets hope that they can get themselves sorted out with a face to face interview. I am at last going to the hairdresser.  My hair is completely out of control and hanging like a pair of limp curtains.  It is also "pinch punch" day so I have various monthly chores to accomplish.  I read the meters and send that to the energy company, the dogs get their ear powdered and I run off all the bank statements for Mike to go through. I also sharpen all my kitchen knives.  By doing it all on the first of the month I remember otherwise things tend to slide and I forget.  

Food for today will have to bits and pieces there are left over sausages which will have to do for lunch and the remaining bolognese sauce will make something for supper.  Lasagne perhaps if I can be bothered or maybe just pasta bolognese if I can't.  I have a nice big oak leaf lettuce so a tossed salad can accompany whatever I decide.  

Well thats about it for today time to get going with some of the chores.............. Do you have a monthly plan?


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