Easter Sunday Morning

The clocks have gone forward and we are now on British Summer time and it is -2ºC. Who do they think they are kidding? There seems to be no end to this cold snap.   Mind you it does appear that I am up an hour later than usual.  Yesterday, was yet another very cold day but at least it was dry so we must be grateful for small mercies.  Two more mini eggs appeared in the nest box so I have two hens laying and two to go.   Any day now there should be 4 tiny eggs waiting for me.  I do quite understand the excitement of the first eggs it must have been a real cause for celebration.  I did the pork chops for lunch yesterday but was a bit enthusiastic with the vegetables which meant there were quite a few left over.  They were thrown into the thermomix along with a fried onion and a clove of garlic then topped up with some vegetable stock paste and the left over gravy and hey presto cream of vegetable soup for supper and nothing wasted.  With a dessert of a toasted hot cross bun and butter it made a very acceptable supper.   

Today it is the obligatory roast leg of lamb and all the trimmings but rather than doing roast potatoes I thought I would do dauphinoise with the addition of some slices of celeriac just by way of a change.  If we are to have garlicky potatoes then I think the lamb had better be plain roast and with it we will have some lovely spring greens.  

Now that it is getting light I can see we have a heavy frost on the ground and after the snow flurries of yesterday I am not surprised.  However the cloud cover is light and we should get a bit of sun to cheer us all up.  The spring flowers are really struggling but there are a few daffs just beginning to unfurl.  The ones in the widow-box outside the kitchen window have been in full bloom for some time presumably they get the benefit of the warmth of the house.

Have a great day and enjoy you sunday lunch whatever you have planned.


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