Wednesday morning bin day

Yesterday was a day of action in the house Dennie arrive at the crack of dawn and as usual was a whirl wind through the house.  I had done all the ironing and got that put away before she arrived so she had a clear run at the various rooms.  Once the kitchen was done that is where I went to hibernate and keep out of her way.

After much um-ing and ah-ing I finally bit the bullet and went and fetched the mincer from the garage and minced the venison for the burgers.  Like most things it was the thought of it that was worse than the actuality and I was glad I had made the effort as the results were so much better.  With the burgers I made some creamed chard - Mike is particularly fond of creamed spinach so chard is the next best thing.  Then it was a case of using up the last of the vegetables before this weeks box arrived.  A large pot of leak and potato soup dealt with the leftovers.

I continued to put my recipes on the new program and keep bumping into things I want to make which is good for inspiration.  Today I am going to make a big pot of bolognese sauce as it is so useful to have in the freezer.  I have also defrosted some duck legs which will be cooked for supper with a cauliflower cheese.

The latest pair of socks are finished and very nice and warm they are.  I was anxious to get on and start the mittens for Shiona but do you think I could find the pattern?  I searched everywhere I could think of and then trawled the internet looking for it but without success.  After about an hour I gave up and put my iPad back in my bedside table draw where it usually lives for charging.  Would you believe there infront of me was the pattern I had searched so assiduously for.  What an idiot!!!  Anyway the mittens are now underway so I am happy about that.

I took a walk up the garden yesterday and watered my peas in the greenhouse.  The broad beans have suffered from pigeon attack and are not looking too promising however the onions and garlic are looking fine.  I think I may well have to replant the beans again in the spring and get some netting over them or shoot the pigeons.  I also need to reorganise the chicken run and get the house cleaned then I can restock with some new hens.  I have really missed my hens but been grateful not to have to look after them during the very cold weather.

Well that about it for this morning - I may even go back to bed and try to get a couple more hours kip before I get stuck in to the days chores............

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