Wednesday morning and bin day

After months of walking around with duct tape on the arm if my reading glasses I decided to push the boat out and buy a new pair.  I have had these type of glasses for ages as they are so convenient and you don't spend half your life looking for them as they live around your neck.  I tried all sorts of glasses on chains but they used to get into a real mess and were usually covered in pastry or mashed potato.  Having discovered this type which fit snugly around your neck and don't fall off if you lean forward I am sticking to the design.  The internet is wonderful as you order one day and they arrive the next.

Today is a big day for my furry friend it is his fifth birthday and he is officially an adult.  Can you believe it is five years since we drove down to Redruth to collect a gorgeous puppy?  So much has happend since then it feels like a life time ago.  He has grown into a big strong well rounded individual with charming good manners and a happy disposition.  He has taken to his work with great enthusiasm and is a real asset now.  So by way of a birthday present we have bought him a large tin of Chappie which is his favourite.  It is probably one of the cheapest dog foods on the market but he loves the mixture of rice chicken and fish - Paella I guess!!!!

It looks like shooting will be on today although it is pretty cold it is dry so should be fine for some fun if I wrap up warm.  By way of a shooting lunch I have got a pack of bolognese sauce out of the freezer so all that is needed is to boil some pasta, grate some cheese and toss a salad.  It takes Jeff about 20 minutes to clean the guns so that is the time I have in which to prepare a meal.  We should make it round quite quickly today as there will only be Jeff and I as Shiona has a previous engagement and will be in London for the day.  However, it is half term so there may well be lots of families shooting which slows things down a bit.  

I had a bit of a purge on the computer yesterday and have now got my recipes up to 230 and have discovered that the program will download straight from the net so recipes I had on the BBC web site have all been added with the minimum of fuss. You just click save recipe and it is all done.  Once you decide on a recipe it will print you off a shopping list of the ingredients which is also quite handy as is the weekly meal planner.

Well that about it for this morning time to put the bins out for the bin men.  By the way we are still completely rat free in the garage so the sonic plug in really works.


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