Wednesday moring

Yesterday morning it was like Piccadilly circus here as friends prepared to leave and Mark was jet washing the garden. H was going to catch a train to London so needed to be dropped at the station and Angela was going to drive the car back to Bristol where they live.   I made loads of sausage bacon and tomatoes and put them in a warm oven then as people appeared for breakfast so I could fry off an egg and serve them a cooked breakfast.  What was left ended up as sandwiches for lunch after everyone had left.  The garden is now safe and all the green algae has been blasted away.  Mark also made sure that the paths out the front of the house were also not slippery.

We all shunted our stuff back into our respective rooms and after lunch I collapsed and slept like the dead until gone 5pm.  Fortunately, before dawn I had made a shepherds pie which just needed throwing in the oven and browning and dinner was ready.

Angela brought me a lovely orchid she knows I have a passion for white flowers but I am not too sure how to look after this baby.  So I will be doing a bit of googling this morning to check up what I should do with it.  

Today will be a case of clearing up left overs not that there is much left.  My vegetable box contained a nice cauliflower so that will be getting a jacket of cheese sauce and will fill in the gaps.  I intend to have a fairly relaxing day and brace myself to the French trip tomorrow.  James is going to oversee the installation of the new patio doors so lets hope all goes according to plan.  If so I will come home to a house with new doors and will have missed the cold and the mess so not a bad idea really.

It is still very cold here with the temperature below zero but at least all the snow has gone for now.  
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