Tuesday morning

First Anne, the recipe for the Guinea fowl worked really well and as you spotted the sauce is very tasty.  The last of the cold meat was made into a sort of coronation chicken idea which we had with buttered rice and and endive, pear and blue cheese salad.  Mike managed to get the last two of the frozen Guinea fowl from Dobbies butchers and they are tucked up in the freezer for some other time.  It was interesting that the stock made from the carcasses was much more gelatinous than that made from chicken bones, perhaps because they have had that much more time to develop and mature.  Today, it is going to be put to good use in a risotto which we are going to have with some egg and breadcrumbed sweetbreads and a plain green salad.  The boiler has been serviced so that is one less item to remember for a while and the laundry finally got done and put away.  As the boiler is in the airing cupboard once serviced I took the opportunity to tidy it up yet again.  I needed to syphon out some of the old sheets which were past their best and replace them with the new expensive ones.  The old ones have not been wasted as they are now being used as throws over the chairs in the bedroom where the dogs like to sleep.  I have made the rest of the sheets into bed packs so that you can just grab one and there should be a complete set of bedding all in one place.  How long this system will last, who knows, as the malicious fairy who messes up my cupboards will no doubt be back once she has finished scattering dust all over the house.  

Now for those of you who are into apps I must mention a fee app called "Fast Camera" this allows you to take still photos very rapidly.  In fact once downloaded and fired up it took 47 photos of my carpet before I found the stop button.  Fortunately they are very easy to delete but it is an excellent app if you need to take action shots as you can choose the exact photo that captures the essence of the picture and bin the rest.  I must try it out on my walk with the dogs or when we are shooting as you can get some interesting pictures.

So far I have entered 200 recipes on to the new system and this has made it much easier to find the recipe I want amongst the many that I have.  It has also made me go through them and discard the ones which seemed a good idea at the time but I know I will never be making.  Because the categorisation allows you to select many categories it means that, say for example, you enter mushroom soup it can be categorised under soup, starter and vegetable which makes it very flexible.  Transferring the recipes is tedious but it is all cut and paste so better than retyping.  It will be interesting to see how many recipes I end up with and it is a nice thing to keep me occupied in the dark mornings while I wait for the others to wake.

It is very cold here today and we are back down below zero again - doesn't this winter seem to be dragging on?  There are some signs of impending spring as my mini daffodils are bravely flowering.  

Anyway have a good day all and keep warm......


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