Tuesday morning

This photo was yesterday morning at 5am and it continued to snow until lunch time.  We left for Shiona's house once the car was cleared of snow at about 10am and were astonished to see that once over the north downs the snow was almost non existant.

Goudhurst is a very pretty village and typical of the weald of Kent and as it happens it is also the place where our guests mother spent her honeymoon. Obviously these photos were taken in better weather.

We had a very adequate lunch in the local which is now a gastro-pub with a big open log fire which was much appreciated as it was bitterly cold.  We got back home just in time for a nice cup of tea and by then the snow had turned to rain and the white picture postcard landscape had turned back to its dull muddy norm.

Today our friends are leaving but separately he is going up to London on the train to meet up with some buddies and she is going to drive the car back to Bristol.  I think a latish cooked breakfast will save either of them having to stop for lunch. 

Mark the gardener was going to jet wash the patio yesterday but it was cancelled because of the snow so he is coming this morning.  Then on Thursday [valentines day] we are booked to go to France to our favorite restaurant where they put on a special menu.  Last year we discovered this purely by accident and it was so delicious that we thought we would repeat the experience.  However, the men are coming to replace my patio doors that day so James is going to man the fort and not only supervise the dogs but the glaziers also.   

I slept really badly last night so I am up at stupid o'clock but I have a few chores to keep me occupied.  The remainder of the leg of lamb needs to be made into a shepherds pie so that is what I will do to keep myself amused until everyone else gets up.

Have a good day all - once everyone has gone I intend to go back to bed and may well stay there until Thursday as I am shattered :)

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