Tuesday morning

Yesterday was one of mundane chores. The laundry was first on the agenda and as usual Basso felt obliged to help me with it.  Sadly, this makes for quite a slow process as he brings one sock at a time but he is so pleased with his efforts that it is a shame to discourage him.  I suppose it is like when a small child makes you a cup of stone cold tea you still feel obligated to drink it.

We seem to have cured the small fury creature problems in the garage and the ultrasonic plug seems to have done the trick.  I suppose I too would move out if a rave was happening in my lounge.  Talking of fury creatures, in the late morning a large dog fox walked up the garden bold as brass so I sent my big fury bear to chase him off - I don't think he will be back any time soon!!!! he got the fright of his life and only just made it out of the garden in time.

Lunch was a quick and easy meal of mushroom and bacon omelettes - now here I have to mention that the bacon came from Aldi - It was their streaky smoked and it was fabulous no shrinkage and certainly no puddles of white goo.  I will be buying this again.   For supper we made some headway with the pheasant breasts which I have accumulated in the freezer over the hunting season.  I have wrapped each one in parma ham and cooked them in the sous vide so all that is necessary is to warm them through in a pan and then splash on a bit of cream.  With mashed potatoes and broccoli a very acceptable meal.

I also made some headway with the car contents and got the hunting box out but as yet I haven't sorted through it.  It has been dumped in the garage out of the way.  The blankets out of the dog cage have been washed and dried so now seems a good time to take the car to the Albanians for a good clean. 

I spent some time planning the menu for the weekend now I will have to write a decent shopping list so that I have all the ingredients that will be required.  Then a "time plan", so that I get things cooked at the right times.  The whole object is to make sure that I don't spend the entire weekend in the kitchen  but we still have nice food to eat.  The butcher is on high alert and ready to supply my needs on Thursday.  I have gone for a nice leg of lamb for Sunday as this requires the least amount of accompaniments.  I can get away with roast potatoes and vegetables so nice and simple.  

Well that about it for this morning I hear the ironing board calling me!!!!!


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