Thursday morning

First can I thank you all for your good wishes for Basso's birthday, I'm sure if he could type he would send you all a big slobbery kiss.  I know I am a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic celebrating the dogs birthday, but what the hell, in these dark cold days of February anything to celebrate is a good idea.    James bought him a big bone and a small one for Nip to stop any jealousy but what happened?  Nip took the big bone which he cannot even lift and Basso got the small one.  The Chappie was demolished as if it were caviar so all in all a nice birthday.

Cow leg bone

It was perishingly cold for shooting with a nasty cutting wind but I had on all my thermal gear so I didn't suffer too much.  Given that it has been three months since I last shot I acquitted myself none too badly and ended the round with a 10 which made me feel really good.  There is a regular clientele at the shooting ground and we were welcomed back with open arms and queries as to where we had been.  It is nice to know that we had been missed.  By the time we got home we were all ready for a big plate of pasta which I prepared while Jeff cleaned the guns and had a well earned beer.

For supper I had made a sort of piperade with the addition of some chorizo sausage so when we were ready all that needed to be done was to scramble a few eggs into the mix and serve with some nice crusty bread.   I was quite tired and fell asleep really early so hence I am up at this stupid time but I hope that I may yet get back to bed and catch a couple more hours.

Shiona is going to pop over today as she needs more wool and is very taken with my wool shop.  I have some monk fish in the freezer which I thought would make a good lunch especially if I wrap it in some parma ham before baking in the oven.

Well on that cheerful note I am going to go back to bed and see if I can't get a couple more hours sleep before I face the day.


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