Thursday morning

At least it is a touch warmer this morning but there is a fierce wind blowing so I am very glad that we are crossing the channel in the tunnel not on a boat.  I am a very bad sailor and feel sick just thinking about boats, which is no way to approach nice lunch out.  I managed to run myself down so much over the weekend that I now have a lovely cold sore on my lip.  This always happens when I really tire myself out completely.  Anyway, once today is over I can really take some time to rest up and care for myself.  Shiona and Keith are due here at 8.30 this morning so I will need to be ready by then and not pottering around in my dressing gown as usual.

By the time we get back I should also have a new set of patio doors installed and as this is my only access to the garden and also my freezer that will make a big difference.  The old patio doors have been on the blink for ages and finally are refusing to close properly at all so it is definitely time for some new ones.  There is not a lot of point in ill fitting double glazing it is not only draughty but not very secure.  

James outpatient appointment yesterday was quite fruitful, in as much as, the consultant took the time to really explain what is happening with his foot and also to warn him that it will be at least another year before he has reached his full potential with that foot and decisions will have to be made then.  In the mean time lots of physio is necessary to build up the withered leg and ankle muscles. The foot will never be fully functional but the object is to make sure it is not painful.  At the moment it gives him quite a bit of pain when he uses it.

Well that's about it for this morning not much to report and time I hit the shower and got my act together.  It is difficult to know what to wear it is cold but we will be indoors most of the time so just a warm jacket should do for transfers from the car.

Joy any advise about orchids would be much appreciated as I have very little knowledge on the subject.


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