Thursday Morning

Yesterday was a really miserable day weather wise.  It was cold but not freezing - it was windy but not a gale - and it was rainy but not a deluge.  In fact there was just enough weather to make it miserable and not enough to make it interesting.  After taking the dogs for a walk I decided it was definitely a day for the kitchen.

In my vegetable box this week arrived two vegetables that I always have trouble with one was a medium sized squash the other sweet potatoes

The squash I made into soup by first roasting it and then adding to some chopped and sweated chorizo sausage and a litre of good chicken stock.  The final soup was silky smooth from the squash with chunks of chorizo and finished with a swirl of cream made a very acceptable lunch.   I recommend this to you most highly.

The sweet potatoes were peeled and chopped into chunks tossed in seasoning and olive oil and made into oven chips which we served with home made burgers.  The burgers were just mince, garlic and seasoning.

I was very happy that I had managed to get rid of the two vegetables that usually hang around for ages while I try to decide what to with them.

James had a good session with a senior physiotherapist and now has about three hours worth of exercises to do each day.  He is walking much better but still has quite a limp but given time we are hoping even that will diminish.  Given the extent of his injuries and the absence of any form of treatment he has done remarkably well on his own.  He is now having huge fun with the department for work and pensions who seem unable to comprehend the situation and keep sending letter after letter contradicting themselves.  It is yet another case of the left hand not know what the right hand is doing and departments not communicating with one another.  You would think that as everything is linked to his national insurance number they would all be working off the same page.  It is not rocket science after all.

Today is going to be busy first we have the plumber coming to seal the down pipe and stop the leak from wetting the wall.  Then I am going to collect Mikes renewed blue badge from the library making sure that I have all the correct documentation and identification.  It's easier to get a passport!!!!  The library is a pig of a place to park so it was decided that it would be easier if I jumped out and collected the badge while Mike drove slowly round the block.

I have nothing planned for lunch so it may well have to be pasties from the baker.  

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