Sunday morning

We seem to be stuck in a patch of cold weather it has been below zero for days, and now they are threatening us with an increasing wind chill factor.  It tried hard to snow all day yesterday but it never amounted to much.  It was just enough to make things unpleasant.  We decided to walk the dogs in the woods where it might be a bit warmer and less windy but it was still perishingly cold.  It never ceases to amaze me that dogs can go from lying next to a radiator cooking to running around in the snow with no apparent change in their demeanour.  There is no wrapping up in thermal gear shivering with chattering teeth, just joy and delight.  

While I was in Tesco getting a few supplies I spotted some soft herring roe on the fish counter and suddenly fancied roe on toast for lunch so that is exactly what we had.  None of us were feeling particularly hungry so it fitted the bill very well.  For dinner I made some ox tail soup which was really delicious and by using the pressure cooker it took very little time.  The two and half hours of simmering was reduced to about three quarters of an hour so quite a saving not only of time but also of gas.  Once it was all cooked I moved it over to the Thermomix for the final finishing touches and to whiz down the vegetables and chop the meat.  There was easily enough for four but the left over portion has gone to the dogs as gravy for the breakfast biscuits.  In my search for ox tail I came across a nice piece of venison which is destined either to be a stew or maybe made into burgers depending how I feel at the time.  At least if I make the burgers myself I will be secure knowing what is in them!!!!

Today, I have a leg of lamb which I bought very cheaply in Aldi so that will be roast with some parsnips and swiss chard.  There should be plenty of left over meat so a shepherds pie or two will not be far behind.  Perhaps a moussaka might be in order we haven't had one of those in years.  I also stumbled upon a recipe for a savoury bread and butter pudding with lots of cheese and bacon in it and as I have all the ingredients I may give it a go.  That is one thing about redoing all my recipes I keep stumbling on things I haven't done in ages.  

Well that is the plan for the day and of course there will be a couple of loads of washing to keep me amused.  My cleaning lady is due on Tuesday so I hope to have all the laundry out of the way by then.

Have a good day and stay warm.......

Anne the program is called Paprika in case you missed my reply yesterday.....


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