Sunday morning

James and I clattered through the bed making yesterday morning and all the house work got done.  and after a quick lunch it was off to bed for a rest so that I could survive the evening.  After a couple of hours sleep I got up for a cup of tea and as I came down the stairs so our friends drew up.  absolutely  perfect timing.  Zoe had made and delivered a very nice tiramisu cake which we had with a cup of tea.  Dinner was all prepared with the exception of the ravioli and there in lies a story. I excused myself and went to make the pasta pastry which I made with a new bag of flour.

What a disaster!!! the flour was course and very dry and absolutely refused to make pasta so in desperation I binned it and I went back to my normal 00 flour and abandoned the other.  Then while I piped out the filling the piping bag split and spat the nozzle and half the filling out all over the freshly rolled pasta.  Anyway, despite the initial disasters the ravioli were delicious and doused in some melted butter with fried sage leaves and a good helping of parmesan they made the excellent starter I had hoped for.  With the soft egg yolk in the centre which burst as you cut into them they were pretty spectacular.  Franks meat loaf was a great success and cooked as it is with potatoes and tomatoes it was in effect a one pot meal.  The rest of the meal all went according to plan and the termomix made a zabaglione while we chatted and waited.  

Today things are going to be simpler lunch is a roasted leg of lamb and a Mary Berry queen of puddings - hopefully nothing to disastrous can go wrong with that.  The met office have been threatening us with snow but we are several degrees above zero so that doesn't seem too likely this morning.  We have planned to take the dogs for a walk and possibly swing past the fabulous food emporium for a cup of coffee which they now serve in their extension.

I am going to bake the base of the queen of puds bright and early this morning so that it is cold to apply the jam and the meringue then it can warm through back in the oven while the meringue cooks.  But first the kitchen needs a bit of a tidy as I abandoned it in a bit of a mess last night.  Then I can get on and prep the vegetables and get everything ready for lunch.  Breakfast this morning is blueberry pancakes and maple syrup so I can get on and make the batter for them.

Well wish me luck and hopefully there will be no disasters today!!!!!


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