Sunday morning

Yesterday morning was at least dry but the wind was blowing and it must have come straight from Siberia as it was freezing.  I took the dogs for a walk down at the sea side and forgot to put a hat on consequently my ears froze in the wind.  As if that was not stupid enough I set off in my crocs forgetting my wellingtons.  I slipped and old all over the place as they are old crocs with no tread on the bottom, idiot.  Now you know I can be quite pedantic and one of my pet hates is to see dogs with coats which are quite unnecessary.  On a wippet or other very thin coated dog I can understand but yesterday I saw the most ridiculous ever a chow chow with a coat on. 
If ever there was a dog who didn't need an added coat surely this has to be it.

Once back home and defrosted I got on with the roast chicken for lunch.  I had made some stuffing from stale bread with parsley thyme and lemon zest and it was only when I had packed the neck that I remembered that I hadn't taken out the wish bone.  Mistake number one.  I then par boiled some potatoes for roasting and forgot them until they were almost soup and had to be mash. Mistake number two.  I roasted the chicken in the halogen oven and did my usual method of half an hour breast down and half an hour breast up but forgot that the halogen oven had a new lid and might cook differently.  I went to carve the meat to find that it was still raw in the centre. Mistake number three.  A quick blast in the microwave sorted the problem but what a catalogue of errors.  I was feeling very tired and it showed.  As it turned out the meal was very tasty and we are all still alive to tell the tale but there are days when it would be safer if I stayed in bed. The only thing which was fault free was the creamed spinach [chard actually] which the thermomix made for me.  With the dishwasher filled and the kitchen cleared I took off up to my bed and slept peacefully for an hour which is obviously what was needed.  I was banned from the kitchen for the rest of the day and James took over cooking the supper.  

Today we have loads of chicken left which I will do something with for lunch but as yet I haven't decided what.  Perhaps a chicken pie and some soup?  If I can manage to make pastry without errors!!!!

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