Saturday morning

Did I get all the jobs I had intended done yesterday?  No, so they are now tacked on to the list for today.  James has offered to give me a hand with changing all the beds as Mike was reluctant to move until the last minute.  I did however get the kitchen all cleaned and I really love my steam mop for the floor.  The biscotti are made and boxed up ready so the menu should run smoothly for today at least.  

The weather forecast looks pretty bleak for the weekend with may be 10 cm of snow for either Sunday or Monday.  However, it could be rain instead.  Which ever way it goes it's going to be cold that is for certain.

On Monday Mark is coming to run the jet wash over the patio and paths which have become very slippery over the winter with algae.  I am delighted as it is a job I hate doing, I always get soaked from head to foot.  I usually give the green house a go over as well so that it is ready for all the lovely sunshine we are expecting in the spring and summer!!!!

While the house is quiet and the men are all asleep I am going to flick a duster over the downstairs rooms then get on with preparing all the ingredients ready for my cooking session.  When we did domestic science at school each session started with the imortal words "first collect equipment and then weigh out ingredients".  This is a pattern I am happy to follow it does make life easier in the long run and saves you scrabbling around with messy hands trying to find some baking powder or some such thing.  I believe the correct term is "mise en place"

For the first time in ages my freezer is absolutely full to capacity and I struggled to fit the ox cheek stew in.  Time to start eating it all. We could be snowed in for quite some time before we started to run low on food.

Now for your information if you ever have trouble with rats/mice can I recommend the sonic plug in devices which have cleared my garage instantly and I can now use it as a secondary refrigerator again.  I'm sure the poison had some effect but not that we could notice and with dogs around it made me very uncomfortable.  

Wish me luck with my ravioli and pray they dont burst in the boiling water which would be a real disaster.  I don't think I could even pass the resulting mess off as soup!!!

Have a good day all and I hope the weather is kind to you.

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