Saturday morning

Yesterday was a really miserable day weather wise it tried to snow almost all day but nothing seemed to stick.  It was bitterly cold and quite depressing with sand like snow bowing around.  We decided that it was a day to stay indoors and watch old movies and knit and crochet.  Fortunately I had some nice salmon fish cakes in the freezer which went down well for lunch with a green salad and for supper my last ox cheek stew was reheated with mash and buttered cabbage.  Even the dogs were happy to lie by the fire and snooze not even the bones were exciting enough to get them going.  

Today looks very similar with the temperature well below zero and a fine layer of sandy snow laying on the garden furniture.  I think it may be a good opportunity to get some more of my recipes transfered to the new programe which will take quite a bit of time.  Currently I have just under 300 converted but I think I must have an equal amount still to transfer.  I think I will soon be able to call myself a data input clerk.  I stumbled upon a recipe for a savoury bread and butter pudding which is filled with cheese and ham - it sounds quite nice so it may well make it on to the menu for today.  The programe allows me to make a shopping list from the recipe as well as to scale it up or down which is very useful.  I can also plan a weeks menus so I can plan ahead all good stuff.  

Anyway not much to report after a day of indolence today I will make a start on the laundry and bed changing regimen which will keep me out of mischief.  Have a good day all...........

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