Saturday morning

Well its Saturday morning but rather too early.  I tried to have a day of rest yesterday so it was beef burgers for lunch.  No horse in these as I had made them myself from good quality beef mince.  I have no problem with eating horse but the problem, as I see it, is being lied to and over charged as horse meat is so much cheaper than beef.  I suppose it is a question of trust if you are told it is beef then you accept that as being the truth.  Being a pessimist I think this may be the tip of the iceberg as far as commercially prepared food is concerned but this is nothing new.  When I was s child we had friends who had a poultry farm and I can remember giving the hens a yellow dye to make their flesh yellow so that they appeared corn fed as this particular batch were going to the USA where that is the norm.  I am talking about 50 years ago so it has been going on for a long time.  Anyway it reinforces my stance of DIY where ever possible.

For supper we had one of the ox cheek stews with dauphinoise potatoes and some cooked belgian endive dressed with a little olive oil.   This is one of the few things I buy in France as it is so much cheaper and as a vegetable I really love it both cooked and raw in salads.  It is particularly delicious in a salad with blue cheese, walnuts and pear.  

With rest being my objective I am doing the laundry in dribs and drabs which means it can dry indoors and I don't have to use the tumble dryer.  If you remember we discussed whether to wash new bedding before using and I must admit that I did put it all through the machine to get rid of the finishing chemicals.  I am delighted with the 500 thread cotton sheets I bought reduced to £72 per pair as opposed to the original price of £240.  The are really lovely and feel almost like satin for smoothness.  I bought super king size which allows me to throw them over the bed and only tuck in the head end.  The remainder just covers the mattress and topper and hang to the floor so no need for a valace.  They are such good quality that they will definitely out live me.  

Tomorrow for lunch I fancy the guinea fowl I bought so I had better get them out of the freezer this morning so that they have plenty of time to defrost.  As for today I have no idea but no doubt there will be something in the freezer to jog my memory and give me an idea.

What meals have you planned for the weekend?

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