Saturday morning

Good morning all, it is a bit bright and early but I am wide awake so I might just as well get up. Yesterday was another day of mixed rain and sun and the temperature is dropping back down.  According to the weather forecast we are in for lots of weather over the weekend.  Rain, hail, sleet and snow with wind and sun in fact a bit of everything.  

The snow drops have managed to stick their heads above the soggy ground and as usual they are the first of the bulbs to venture out but I love to see them as they are a symbol of the coming spring.
Mike stopped off at the Albanians to see about having the car cleaned but they feel it will take about three hours so he will have to arrange with James to have a lift home while it is being done.  Depending on the weather one day next week would be good.  As yet I haven't tackled the hunting box which is still in the back so perhaps that is a job for today.  

I have purchased some new bedding and am in a cleft stick about whether to wash it all first or go for straight on the bed.  I normally put it all through the machine first to remove the finishing chemicals but I wonder if I am just making work for myself.  What is your opinion on this one?  

Now to the rat problem. Having fed the rats almost an entire tub of rat poison with no appreciable effect I have purchased an ultrasonic plug in deterrent and we will have to see if that works.  I have refilled the tray of poison so I can see if they are still coming to feed.  I was a bit worried that the noise would affect the dogs but they don't seem to hear it or care so that is fine.

I have just been out to the garage to check and it looks like we may be successful the tray of poison is untouched and would normally be empty by now.  Perhaps they have got the message that their tenancy is up and it is time to move somewhere else.  The main problem has been that we cannot store the rubbish bags in the garage while we wait for bin day as the rats think it is waitress service and tear them to shreds.  With any luck this should see the problem solved and come the spring we can repair the bottom of the door which they have gnawed away to gain entry.  

The local hospital have covered themselves in glory yet again. Yesterday a friend rang me in some distress as one of her friends had just died.  He was admitted for a routine gall bladder removal and died a week later of septicaemia.  I don't know the full facts but it looks suspiciously like yet another medical blunder.  I must admit it makes one really fearful of ever needing care or treatment in that place.  I am so glad that I persevered with my complaint and really rattled their cage as something does need to be done about the very poor quality of the service.  

Well that about it for this morning I have a chicken to roast for lunch today so I am off to get that ready and prep the vegetables.  I also need to start thinking about what I am going to feed my friends from Bristol who are coming for a few days.  I like to get as much as possible done in advance so that I can spend time with them rather than in the kitchen.


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