Monday morning

Can you believe we are in the last week of February already.  Ok it is a short month, but even so, it seems to have sped by really quickly.

Yesterday James had a trip to B&Q and purchased a plug board for my bedroom which has made a big difference as I have a whole pile of electrical stuff and it was a nightmare of leads and adapters. Now it is all tidy and each plug has been labeled so I know which is which.  The one in the picture is grey but mine is white which looks quite respectable.  It has a couple of USB outlets so that I can also charge my phone and my iPad.

Once the leg of lamb was in the oven I settled down to watch "Skyfall" on DVD.  As usual with James Bond there was plenty of action and explosions however I was mortified to hear them describe a side by side shot gun as a hunting rifle.  What a gaff!!!!  Anyway, other than that it was quite good as Bond films go and the special effects were pretty spectacular.  

The roast lamb was lovely and we had it with peas, carrots and parsnips.  There was plenty left for cold meat for supper and today the remainder will be made into a moussaka I think.  However I will need to get some aubergines first, the remaining ingredients I have in stock.  

I have been motoring along with the pair of socks I am knitting as I need to get them finished so that I can start the pair of mittens for Shiona and any remaining wool will be added to the blanket which is growing rather slowly.

By way of a training exercise Basso was asked to bring me the bone he was chewing and give it to me.  Much to my surprise he did exactly that and dropped the bone into my outstretched hand.  He became a bit agitated when I made a show of eating it and was much relieved when I returned it unharmed.  How good was that!!!! I was thrilled.  Taking a bone from a dog can be a risky thing as they can become very possessive.  To give it willingly is quite something.   

The weather continues to be cold with snow flurries but none has settled and for the first time in ages the thermometer is reading a + number albeit 1.4.  According to the weather forecast for the week we are in for more cold weather so no real sign of spring yet.  However no one has told the miniature daffodils  which are flowering madly.

Have a good day all and Joy what is your opinion of the Thermomix?  how did the demo go?


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