Monday morning

Yesterday saw me feeling a bit more human.  The sun was shining and showing up all the dust so I turned my back on it all and took the dogs for a run.  It was in fact very cold and all the puddles were frozen into sheets of ice but wrapped up warm it was pleasant enough.  The guinea fowls had their allotted 45 minutes in the oven and then out to rest while I made the tarragon and lemon sauce.    They were really very tasty and reminded me of what chickens used to taste like.  The meat was moist due to the minimum cooking time and a good 15 minutes resting.  We demolished one bird at the first sitting and the second was stripped from the carcass for supper.  There is still and adequate amount left for lunch today.  The bones have all been through the pressure cooker and I am expecting a great stock.  So I make that 9 portions and some stock and a dog meal for £7 which I think is great value for money.  The washing machine plodded through load after load of washing and I am down to the last one which I will do this morning.  There are times when I bless the tumble dryer.  

We are expecting the plumber this morning to give the boiler a service, can you believe it is already 2 years since we had it put in.  Doesn't time fly when you are having fun.  I was hoping that Dennie was due tomorrow but apparently it is not until next week so I will have to give the house a bit of a birthday myself.  We are hoping to have a days shooting on Wednesday if the weather allows.  I haven't been shooting since before Christmas so it will be a nice change.  Fingers crossed that the weather holds.  Cold is not a problem but thrashing rain will see the outing cancelled.  The other job which is becoming a pressing necessity is to go to the hairdresser if I can fit it in.  My hair looks like so much limp lettuce at the moment and really needs a cut. 

With the washing machine working over time you can imagine the pile of ironing which is mounting    so once I have dealt with the dog food and stock that is where I will make a start.  Actually I don't mind ironing it is putting thing away that I hate so I am now dividing things into piles and each person is responsible for putting away their own pile and I deal with just the household laundry and my own clothes.  

Now here is my confession for the weekend I did have a buz round Aldi and bought myself some dishes.  I bought two rectangular dishes for £5 and they are a perfect size for us and make a sensible size for a shepherds pie for two, or dauphinoise for three.  I already have two of the same size dishes and use them all the time.  They are great as they do freezer to oven/microwave and dishwasher and look reasonable enough to serve at the table.  

Well that is about it for this morning, time I got going with the chores.  I think I will set the thermomix to making a white sauce for the remaining bird meat and with the addition of a few fried onions and mushroom and some boiled rice it should make a good lunch.

Have a good day all and enjoy the sunshine if you have some!!!!

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