Monday morning

Well it has snowed here but only a light sprinkling and as we are due to go to Shiona's house this morning I hope she is not under several feet of snow where she is.  Anyway I am not too worried as with a 4x4 we should be able to get there no mater what.

Yesterday, was perishingly cold with a nasty cold wind from Siberia which cut you in half and a constant steady drizzle which didn't let up for a moment.  Fortified with blueberry pancakes we took the dogs for a very short walk which was no pleasure I can assure you.  We then went on to the food emporium and had a nice cup of coffee and bought a few bits and pieces.  Meanwhile James was on duty in the kitchen and put the leg of lamb in the oven for us so by the time we got home it was almost ready and all I had to do was to put on the vegetables and put the meringue top on the queen of puddings.  

With full tummies we put on the fire in the lounge and settled down to watch the rugby.  Mike went off for a sleep but I stayed up which of course meant that by 10pm I was good for nothing but my bed.  

For supper we had a bit of a clearing up session with cheese and biscuits and left over meat loaf, cold lamb salad and then the nice cake that which Zoe made which we have all but demolished.

Tiramisu cake

Today I am off the hook with the cooking as we are booked in to a local eating establishment near Shiona's house.  I have made no plans for supper but I can't see it being a problem as I have a house stuffed with food and my freezer is full to the brim we can have whatever we fancy or can be bothered to make.

With my guests still here it feels like Sunday to me and I think I will be one day out all week.  Mark is due to come today and jet wash the patio but who knows what will happen given the snow.  On thing is for certain everyone will want breakfast so I had better get on and sort that out.  Have a good day all and I hope you are not suffering with snow problems.

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