Monday morning

As you can see the crochet square is getting bigger but it is slow work now and I am on the final ball of the left over sock wool.  It is at a stage of being pretty useless size-wise so I am not sure what to do now.  The only thing it is any good for is a dog blanket but I don't fancy washing it regularly as it is pretty heavy.  

The roast chicken made a second appearance for lunch yesterday with some nice mashed swede and carrots and the carcass made some nice broth which we had for supper with some pastina and prawn balls.  I found the idea on the net but I must admit that the prawn balls were somewhat lacking in flavour.  If I were to do it again I think it would benefit from some oriental ingredients like ginger garlic and coriander.  On the subject of recipes I have at last found a good app to organise my computer recipes.  They were all categorised beautifully on my windows machine but when I changed to apple everything was transfered but not in my nice order.  Every file was put in alphabetically so I have soups in with sweets and fish with stews.  The new app is very easy to use and is all drag and drop so it is quite quick move the documents.  The best bit of all is that it is synchronised with my iPad and iPhone.  It also has the facility to make a shopping list from a recipe and also to scale it up or down which is handy and there is also a weekly menu facility.  One thing is certain I am going to have many happy hours moving recipes to this file.

According to the "country file" weather forecast we are in for a whole lot of weather this coming week, the only thing missing is a heat wave.  We are due for a vist from some friends at the end of the week but he is rather under par so I am not going to make any great plans until things are firmed up and with the weather so mixed who knows we could be under feet of snow come the weekend.  I am sitting here chuckling as I just typed that last phrase with a small typo "under feet of snot" do you think there is something freudian about that?  I will plan a tentative menu and may make a few freezable bits until I know for certain what is happening.  I will however put the new sheets through the washing machine so they are ready to go.  With all the chaos we have had this last year we have not really had any visitors to stay so this is a sign of things returning to normal which is nice.

The other evening I watched a program about dogs and discovered that they are either right or left handed.  Basso is right handed but Nip is a lefty, no wonder he is a bit peculiar - he has always been a bit odd now we know why!!! apparently they don't make good guide dogs as they are inclined to be oddballs.  

Well on that happy note I am off to get the washing machine going and make a start on the sheets.  Have a good day all......  


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