Friday morning

It is very bright and early this morning but I am not going to make the same mistake as I did yesterday.  I woke at about 3 yesterday and thought I would just go back to sleep which I did until 5 but then came the banging headache which followed me round all morning and didn't dissipate until I fell asleep after lunch.  What a bore so today I have decided it is better to be tired than to have a sore head.

This morning we are below zero after a rather nice if cold day yesterday.  The plumber arrived early and fixed the small leak and has made an appointment to come and service the boiler which we hadn't realised is already 2 years old.  Then it was off to collect Mikes blue badge which was quite a performance but I know they are worth lots of money on the black market so they are quite rigorous with their security measures.  That done it was off to the butcher to collect the meat for the weekend and while I was there I got some ox cheeks which apparently have now doubled in price as the restaurant chefs have discovered them.  I also got a brace of guinea fowl for £7 which I thought was good value.  The ox cheek was immediately put in the pressure cooker with its accompanying vegetable and two cans of Mackeson stout.  Fifteen minutes at 100 psi and it was done so this morning it is now cold and I can take out the meat and reduce the gravy ready for the freezer.  

Today is a day for housework :( I need to swap round the bedrooms to make room for out guests which means changing all three beds.  I want to leave tomorrow morning for cooking as I have a three course menu for dinner.  Nothing too challenging but hopefully good to eat.  I am doing a starter of ravioli with an egg yolk in the centre which is the most difficult thing.  Then Frank Fariello's meat loaf stuffed with mozzarella and for dessert the thermomix will be making the zabaglione.  I think a few biscotti would be nice with that so I will run some up this morning.  

Well as you will gather I have quite a lot to do so I am going to make a start by giving the kitchen a good clean ready to start work.  Sadly I can't do the beds as there are sleeping men in them!!!!!!


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