Friday morning

Yesterday was freezing!!!! Shiona popped over and we took the dogs for a good run but oh boy was it cold.  There was a cutting bitter wind which made it really unpleasant not that the dogs even noticed.  We hit the wool shop as Shiona needed lots of wool for all the animal hats she is making.  I have asked for a lion hat which is made on huge needles with a very loopy stitch.  It took the two of us quite a while to decipher the instructions and get to grips with this unusual stitch.  It is always difficult to understand written instructions and it took us several attempts to get the stitch right.

I bought some more wool from the bin of left overs and have promised to make Shiona a pair of mittens once I have finished the socks I am currently knitting.

We ended up having a very late lunch of monkfish tail warped in parma ham and some steamed broccoli with a lemon and butter sauce.

James had a very good session with the senior physio who he is seeing again in a fortnight.  In the mean time he has plenty of exercises to keep him occupied.  I felt I could use some of that as my shoulder was quite sore following shooting on Wednesday.  Its amazing how quickly muscle forget and get stiff when you use them again after some time.

We are still well below zero this morning so I think we are in for another cold day.  I left the kitchen in a bit of a mess last night so I will have to tackle that first thing before getting started for the day.  I find it difficult to work in a messy kitchen and like to at least start with clear surfaces.

If your weather is anything like ours you are going to need to wrap up warm today - it feels like a day for a nice hot stew and a steaming mountain of buttery mashed potatoes.

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Friday morning

Friday morning